Build & Manage Apps & Widgets


We provide a set of tools, SDKs and APIs to power your software development workflow. Whether you are looking to build a web portal for your customers, an app for your users or custom workflow through interoperability, we have an answer

App Studio

Use our SDK to build, manage and distribute apps to internal or external users to distribute ideas, research & strategies. The App Studio SDK can enable maximum flexibility from your Desktop solution. Available for both refinitiv Eikon and Refinitiv Workspace applications, and coming with a set of HTML5 visual components, charts, controls and ready to plug and play with in house or Refinitiv content this capability can add real flexibility and optionality to users' workflow

Desktop Data API

Power any desktop application with content, via a new set of APIs leveraging both Websockets for real time snaps and streaming market data (both exchange based  / over the counter pricing and news feeds) and Web APIs (for fundamental, estimates, research and more). Drive innovation across your organisation with easy to use open source scripting libraries, available in Python, R, Typescript and .Net

Side by Side Interop API

Achieve interoperability by passing context (common codes, identifiers) to and from any Desktop application to customise users' workflows. This can extend the workflow from Refinitiv Eikon and Refinitiv Workspace throughout the Desktop experience, seemlessly joining up users' key applications for maximum workflows efficiency, saving time, driving insights and reducing risk

Knowledge Direct API- Externally Redistributable Data

Power the Wealth Advisors’ and Investors’ workflow with up-to-date information, news, and analytics. Deliver content directly to internal or customer applications, websites, and portals using web APIs and JSON payloads. Also access widgets and other helper services