Refinitiv Knowledge Direct API (RKD API)

The Knowledge Direct API integrates into your website, trading platform, intranet/extranet, advisory portal and mobile applications to provide up-to-date financial market data, news and analytics and powerful investment tools.

The Knowledge Direct API offers a wide range of Refinitiv information and services delivered in a request-response scenario via web services using today's industry standard protocols (SOAP and XML). Connectivity can be via HTTP and HTTPS, over the Internet or Delivery Direct.

Knowledge Direct for Wealth Management offers access to Refinitiv hosted content and capabilities. It integrates into your own advisor solutions, customer facing investment portals, online trading platforms and provides data through a powerful and uniform suite of APIs, eliminating the need for investment at your site. Knowledge Direct for Wealth Management enables your advisors and customers to make better financial decisions, by providing access to market moving and insightful news, company information and financial markets.


Pricing: Equity pricing, Futures pricing, Foreign Exchange data and cross market data.

News: Reuters Top News, Real-Time News, FX News and Significant Developments.

Referential: Fundamental data, Consensus Estimates and Recommendations, Lipper Investment Profile Reports.

Specialized:  Lipper Funds Database, StockReports+, Real time and embargoed research, Refinitiv Indices, Street Events.


Refinitiv Knowledge Direct for Wealth Management content and tools have flexible delivery options to facilitate easy integration into your existing environment. You can access the full range of content and tools via industry standard hosted APIs or directly from your market data system specifically, to commingle streaming quotes with value-add content services available through Refinitiv Knowledge Direct for Wealth Management. Alternatively you can outsource design, development and hosting of a custom solution to one of our trusted third-party partners.


With our uniform suite of APIs you can share bandwidth, hardware and support whilst eliminating the need for investment in additional hardware or software. Content is delivered via HTTP through standard web services. Access to Refinitiv Datacenters can be over the internet or dedicated IP connectivity through BT MPLS. Data compression is available to maximize bandwidth efficiency. Latest Industry-standard SOAP XML formats enable you to retrieve and customize data via the web for your own firm and for client-delivered services.