Refinitiv Data Platform APIs

Refinitiv Data Platform provides simple web based API access to a broad range of content.  The below services are currently available to test (early access) or use (released).  More services will be added soon. Please contact your account representative for more details and to request access.


Client File Store (CFS)

Content file stores from publisher repositories:

  • Bulk ESG data: scores and measures in weekly bulk files 
  • Green Revenues - quantifies company's revenues exposure to green economy using Green Revenue Classification Schema
  • The Refinitiv Trade Discovery product supports banks adopting their own market risk models to comply with the Risk Factors Eligibility Test (RFET) under the Fundamental Review of the  Trading Book market risk regulation. It delivers trade observations across multiple asset classes and instruments, both ETI and OTC, that banks can use to assess level of liquidity associated with their risk factors in order to pass the RFET
  • Tick History - Venue By Day
Early Access
Client File Store (CFS) Content file stores from publisher repositories:
  • Financial Markets Reference Data: comprehensive exchange/venue reference data, covering:
  1. Hierarchy, identifiers, regulators
  2. Trading Session timings and Market closures (holidays)
  3. Tick Size & Lot Size details
  4. Symbology & other reference data supporting client integration
Callouts (Trade History)

Provides Refinitiv Callouts with a flexible executed trade history search and export capability covering the following products:

  • Fixed Income
  • Money Market
  • Repo
  • Interest Rate Swaps
Early Access
Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Universe - List of instruments in the ESG Universe
  • Basic - Basic view of ESG content
  • Scores - All Scores information
  • Measures - All Measures information


  • Most Complete Global view of Estimates in the market
  • Unmatchable history across +60K companies back to 1976 for North America, 1987 for other markets​
  • Starmine Analytics inclusion​: EPS Predicted Surprise & SmartEstimate.
  • Select Key Performance Indicators now available across Private Customer segment.
  • Search on up to 100 securities in the API request at once
  • Intraday updates for most timely data
  • Open Industry standard API service
  • Over 40 million corporate disclosure documents available from 135,000 companies worldwide
  • Global coverage for over 138 developed and emerging markets dating back to 1968 for US and 1989 for other markets
  • Complete EDGAR and SEDAR collections
  • Automated document feeds and newswires delivers timely and comprehensive collections for the USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, Italy, Australia, Singapore, India, China and Korea.
  • Comprehensive global fund coverage  
  • Performance and risk statistics 
  • Full holdings with splits by asset allocation, investment country, maturity, currency, and others
  • Fund ESG scores
  • Refinitiv Lipper Leaders Rating System
  • Lipper global and local market classifications 
  • Fee and expenses information 
  • Full daily historical price information, historical fund size and dividend history
Historical Pricing
  • Intra-Day Events
  • Inter-Day Summaries
Early Access
Historical Pricing
  • Intra-Day Summaries
Instrument Pricing Analytics (IPA)
  • Canned parameterizable quantitative analytics (such as valuations, sensitivities, ...) relevant for the following asset classes:
    • Fx Spot, Fx Forwards, FX Swaps, Non Deliverable FX Forwards
    • CDS, Index CDS
    • Interest Rate Swaps (incl. vanilla and In arrear), Overnight Index swaps, Cross Currency Swaps
    • Listed Options (Equity, Indices, Futures, Commodities)
    • FX Options
    • Volatility Surface
Islamic Deal Connect (IDC)

Allows programmatic access to deal reports, with simple querying of processed tickets by the following parameters:

  • Retrieve all deal reports in the system,
  • Retrieve all deal reports that were generated after the specified one,
  • Retrieve all deal reports within the specified time&date range,
  • Retrieve a single deal report by the specified ticket number,
  • Retrieve a single deal report by the specified TOF Ticket ID,
  • Get a response indicating whether a specified deal report is available in IDC or not,
  • Updating deal status in IDC.
Early Access
  • Alerts
  • Headline Search
  • Story Retrieval

Ownership & Profiles

  • Most complete Global Share Ownership & Profiles data in the industry.
  • Consolidate, Fund and Insider Shareholders data in a API feed
  • History from 1997 for Profession Customers and last 5 years for Private Customers.
  • Open Industry standard API services with JSON
  • Intraday updates for most timely data
  • Search on up to 100 securities in the API request at once
  • Identity Verification (IDV)
  • Identity Document Proofing (IDP)
  • Passive Liveness and Facial Matching
  • Zero Footprint Screening by World-Check(ZFS)
Early Access
  • Alerts
  • Document Retrieval
Search Light (Wealth)
  • Provides fast searching across a wide range of organisations, instruments, quotes and economic indicators.
  • Allows both structured (criteria-based) and unstructured (Google-like) searches
  • Currently supports over 80 million documents and 800+ document properties
  • Allows users to find entities of interest in Refinitiv's universe of data, view & compare basic information about those entities, and get the identifiers necessary for retrieving data from other RDP APIs.
Early Access
  • Creates a user in AAA
  • Entitles a user to Refinitiv Workspace (license)
  • Sends a welcome email to end user 
Early Access
  • Map from an identifier to a PermID
  • Navigate between identifiers
Wealth Practice 360

One-stop shop data source for Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors:

  • Client Data Layer (CDL) – Normalizes data from multiple back offices or third parties to fit consumer needs.
  • Next Best Actions – Standard and customizable alerts on activity on accounts within a book of business, such as multi-currency positions, new money, client birthdays, etc.
  • Standard wealth management data along with customizable data sets are available for APIs
Trade Performance Reporting (TPR) FXall Sell-Side customers can access and download the underlying data they see in the Trade Performance Reporting (TPR) tool:
  • An API has been built that allows Sell-Side customers to access their data, Sell-Side aggregated data.
  • Sell-side data Client authentication is required to access data via the API.
  • This is a premium service and customers need to have appropriate license to access this API.
Early Access
LSEG Company Snapshot 

The LSEG Company Snapshot API for Wealth Management delivers all Company Fundamentals (CF) content including:

· Standardized data items

· Business/Geographic/Product Segment data items

· Operating Metrics Data items

· Pension Data items

· Analytics Data items

The Entity & Reference API provides related reference and company data about the organizations that have fundamentals data.  

The entity reference endpoints provide many pertinent data points to wealth customers which can add value to their overall Fundamentals data portfolio. This includes descriptive data about the organization such as names, address, business summary, business classifications and identifiers; general information about the organization's employees, market cap and details of the current officers and directors of the organization with details of their titles and tenure.

These end points are accessible to Fundamentals Customers only

·      Company reference

·      Company information

·      Officers & Directors

Content is delivered on the full universe including both active and inactive public Organizations (depending on the commercial packaging)


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