Eikon Side by Side Interoperability API


Refinitiv Eikon provides access to real-time market data, news, fundamental and reference data, research and analytics etc. Most of the data available from Eikon can be retrieved programmatically using APIs included with Eikon product. These APIs are designed for ease of use and for rapid application development.

Application developers using Eikon APIs do not need to worry about data entitlements as these are enforced by Eikon and shared with the APIs.

The Refinitiv Eikon end user license agreement prohibits any type of data redistribution. If you require redistribution of data, then you should consider one of the Refinitiv Platform products.

Every day, financial market professionals use an increasing number of applications essential to their job. The Eikon Side by Side Integration API connects all applications on the desktop, creating a single streamlined workflow across all of a user’s apps.

Using the Side by Side Integration API, a proprietary application can:

  • Launch an Eikon app
  • Create a communication channel with Eikon apps to send and receive context 
  • Send and receive underlying Metadata: Pass portfolios and Trade Tickets as well as instrument identifiers​​​​​

A few words about using Rics in the Side by Side API: You acknowledge that, as a general matter, Refinitiv prohibits the use of RICs to navigate directly or indirectly to data from a source other than Refinitiv, and you agree that you shall not develop the Application in any manner that is inconsistent with such prohibition without the prior written consent of Refinitiv.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, where applicable, Refinitiv permits Eikon users to use RICs in Eikon to retrieve non-Refinitiv sourced data for display in the Application, and you may develop the Application in a manner that is consistent with such usage provided that such RICs are not displayed in the Application. Without limiting the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that your use of RICs is subject to the applicable agreement(s) between your organization and Refinitiv.