(Deprecated) Eikon .NET APIs

We have something better... We will be discontinuing this API soon, but don't worry! We have an updated API that suits your needs better.



Refinitiv Eikon provides access to real-time market data, news, fundamental and reference data, research and analytics etc. Most of the data available from Eikon can be retrieved programmatically using APIs included with Eikon product. These APIs are designed for ease of use and for rapid application development.

Application developers using Eikon APIs do not need to worry about data entitlements as these are enforced by Eikon and shared with the APIs.

The Refinitiv Eikon end user license agreement prohibits any type of data redistribution. If you require redistribution of data, then you should consider one of the Refinitiv Platform products.

This older SDK can be downloaded from NuGet. It exists in 32 bit edition only. The package is named “Eikon 4 Desktop Data APIs”.

APIs in this SDK have a run time dependency on Eikon and require that Eikon application is running with the user signed on to be able to retrieve data from Eikon. If Eikon application is not running, it can be automatically launched by this SDK.

Data entitlements are enforced by Eikon. Application developer does not need to implement any entitlements checks.

Real-time data can be retrieved streaming or as a snapshot. The number of simultaneously open real-time data subscriptions is subject to machine level aggregate item limit imposed by Eikon and/or by Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP).

For the timeseries data the table below lists standard summarization intervals, in which price history is stored on Eikon platform, and includes the depth of history available for each summarization interval.

Interval Depth of history
Tick, Time and Sales, Time and Quotes 90 days
1 minute 90 days
30 minute 1 year
Daily Up to 100 years depending on the instrument


The API provides capability to summarize data into other intervals. The summarization is performed from the nearest lower standard interval, e.g. an hourly summarization is performed from 30 minute interval; 5 minute summarization is performed from 1 minute interval.

We have something better...

We will be discontinuing this API soon, but dont worry! We have an updaed API that suits your needs better.