Eikon Data API

API Description

Access Eikon data directly from any application running on your desktop

Part of the Eikon suite - this modern web API provides simple access to Eikon data and our latest platform capabilities. Ease of use libraries in Python, R.

What challenges are you facing?

  • Powering models and spreadsheets with Eikon data
  • Accessing data in flexible ways on your own desktop (e.g.via APIs)
  • Ensuring data is consistent across diverse applications in your workflow
  • Analyzing data using modern methodologies and open tools like Python scripting and Jupyter Notebooks

How can Eikon Data API help?

  • Access data directly from Eikon, powering in-house or thirdparty desktop apps with Refinitiv data
  • Provide seamless workflow with the same data across all applications running on the desktop
  • Leverage Eikon data and entitlements to simplify market data management and reporting
  • Allow developers to tap into the full breadth of community tools through a modern API with native Python support

How can you leverage this API?

Any Eikon end user, where the data doesn’t leave the desktop, can use this API to access their Eikon data more flexibly. And if you want more than that, i.e. beyond single applications on one desktop, and you want data to leave your desktop, our Refinitiv Data Platform is the right solution for you. Learn more here.

Quantitative and analytical users

  • Test models on your desk using Python tools and Eikon data
  • Give analytics teams the ability to easily create scripts for use by desks who have Eikon and Eikon Excel®

Trading users working with an OMS

  • See the same price values in Eikon and your OMS when executing a trade
  • Utilize Eikon market data, analytics and fundamental data directly in to your OMS

3rd-party app to complete workflow

  • Populate your firm’s specialized charting application with the same data as Eikon
  • Power your third-party fintech app with the same data and entitlements as Eikon


How to get started

All you need is Eikon. Simply follow the Quick Start instructions (users must be running Eikon Desktop Version 4.0.36 or higher).

About our Eikon service and APIs

Eikon is an information service that is licensed for individual use and requires a log in session. Sessions control entitlements and reasonable use for a single user. Eikon users may not share their login credentials, run any instances of Eikon on a server or use, distribute or redistribute information in any way that is inconsistent with their organization’s agreement with us.  In addition, Eikon users may not use information in any manner that would violate rules or policies set by Third Party Providers.

For example, a number of Exchanges and other Third Party Providers have introduced separate policies for use of their data for Non-Display purposes. Use of their data for Non-Display purposes usually requires a direct contract with these sources and the payment of fees directly to these sources.

Non-Display Use Generally Includes, But Is Not Limited To:

  • Use of data for the creation of new original works/derived data;
  • Use of data to create indices;
  • Use of data in electronic trading systems for the purpose of generating orders or executing transactions in an automated and/or semi-automated manner without the display of the original data. This includes, for instance, the use of the data for algorithmic trading, program trading or an automated monitoring of trading activities;
  • Use of data in risk management systems and portfolio management applications.

Additionally, use of data for 'spread betting' purposes may require prior agreement with Exchanges or other Third Party Providers.

If your organization is using or wishes to use data as set out above (or for other Non-Display purposes), you are required to contact these sources directly and sign a direct agreement with these sources where applicable.

By using our Eikon APIs, you consent to us retaining and processing usage data for the purposes of support, capacity planning, to detect and prevent breaches of our network security, the law or our contract terms, and for other activities related to administration, management and improvement of our services. We may suspend or terminate access to the API at any time in order to protect our systems and security.

You are solely responsible for providing all necessary support with respect to any applications that you develop using the Eikon Data API.

If you wish to resell or redistribute any applications which you develop using the Eikon Data API to third parties, you must enter into a developer's license agreement with us.

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