How to find news topic codes for NewsExpression on JET(App Studio HTML5 SDK) API using Eikon Desktop

Chavalit Jintamalit
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This article is intended for App Providers who develop and manage App Studio project on Eikon App Library.



JET(App Studio HTML5 SDK) API provides a news plugin module to get streaming news headline data. It uses news expression to filter list of interested headlines. However, sometimes developer or business analyst may would like to explore what news topic codes are available.



To follow steps in this article, you must have a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, JSON format and JET API.

To download and use JET API, please refer to the developer portal.

You must have Eikon Desktop application installed on your machine.


JET API News Expression

JET News plugin is a library that provides streaming news headlines data. Developers can supply a query to the API so news headlines which are relevant to the provided query will be returned.


Sample News plugin call

JET.News .get('MyID') .newsExpression('WEA') .restart();

The above API call represents a request for News headline which relevant to "Weather"

To explore what TOPIC codes are available. Developer can launch a Quote object within Eikon Desktop and browse to "TOPIC/NEWS1"

Please follow these steps:

1. Go to Eikon Menu button and launch "Quote" object.

2. Input "TOPIC/NEWS1" on the input box located on top of the window and press enter

3. The code in [<topic>] can be used in newsExpression

For example, "VOTE" can be used in the API call.

Sample API Call

JET.News .get('MyID') .newsExpression('VOTE') .restart();

TIPS: Developers can use logical operators in the newsExpression.

Sample1 - Headlines related to Hong Kong(code is HK) but not in related to elections(code is VOTE)

JET.News .get('MyID') .newsExpression('HK NOT VOTE') .restart();

Sample2 - Headlines related to Hong Kong(code is HK) or United States(code is US), but it also relateds to sport(code is SPO)

JET.News .get('MyID') .newsExpression('(HK OR US) AND SPO') .restart();

4. Developer can browse to the code in <'code'> to explore subcategory topic code.

For example, you can launch Eikon Quote object with "MONEY/NEWS1" to see all available topic codes under "Money/Forex News"

5. You can repeat the process on step 3. and 4. on this "MONEY/NEWS1" Quote object to get all available topic codes or its subcategory.


Eikon Desktop provides News topic code page (TOPIC/NEWS1) allowed developer to use this tool to explore all available topic codes and subcategories.