Tech Analysis and Strategy Backtesting Webinar

This is a past event


Jason Ramchandani
Lead Developer Advocate Lead Developer Advocate

Systematic Technical Analysis and Trading Strategy Backtesting Webinar

As we become more and more systematic, we have to decide what tool to use to design, test and implement our system. The growth of data science is one of the main reasons firms are migrating to Python as their programming platform. Python is relatively easy to learn, and users have access to a vast number of online communities that offer support, knowledge, and problem solving for users of all levels of expertise. Python is the on-trend programming language. A vast library of technical indicators and systems is available as open source. It also helps you manage the growing need for insight as the speed, frequency, and volume of big data increases at a rapid pace. In this session, Jason will show you how Refinitiv is embracing this technology.