Research API

Refinitiv’s Research API is built on the Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP), which allows you to easily discover, integrate, analyze, enrich, and consume the content you need through a single, consistent interface.

The RDP API enables streamlined access to real-time research, as well as customized historical research extracts.

Refinitiv is the gold standard for real-time contributor-sourced research and earnings estimates for quick insight into analysts’ expectations. 

  • Refinitiv Data Platform Research API is Refinitiv’s aggregate delivery system of providing the buy-side with entitled sell-side research reports on a real-time basis.
  • Standardized: Meta-data, identifiers, schema, format & file types are simplified across our contributor universe.
  • Scalable Cloud-enabled API enabling messaging + request-response systems for Real-Time polling of a high number of requests.

“ To get started, visit the Refinitiv Data Platform APIs for instructions on how to access the platform services”. In addition, the “Documentation” tab on this page includes a guide that provides details on the News API working environment and supporting resources. It is intended for software engineers and users of RDP who are familiar with the general principles of APIs.