News API for Wealth

RDP provides a single point of REST API-driven content and discovery access to content and services backed by standard authentication and entitlements. Built on top of the cloud-based Refinitiv Data Platform, the APIs provide a standard workflow that enables clients – both humans and machines alike - to easily establish a session to access the platform and any content and services they are entitled to use.

One of the important News sources on RDP is Reuters News. Reuters has 2600 journalists in nearly 200 locations delivering international and national news with speed and insight. It delivers more than 2.2 million News Stories per year in 16 languages, actively covering 41,000 companies. Reuters has a long history of market-moving beats and exclusives related to macroeconomics, M&A activity, CEO changes, or corporate wrongdoing.

In addition to Reuters News, RDP also offers access to more than 40 third-party news sources that may be added to your Professional level subscription; there are more than 20 sources available for non-professional subscriptions. These sources provide corporate releases and market news covering several countries and languages. (A list of available sources available on the Thomson Reuters Customer Zone; you will need a Customer Zone ID to access the list.). RDP delivers Reuters and third-party News formatted for automated consumption via a modern, cloud-based platform and provides single interface access to the following facets of real-time News:

  •  Content - Refinitiv and third-party news are accessible from the same interface. 
  •  Delivery - Delivery mechanism includes news streaming and request-response. 
  •  Metadata - Stories contain rich metadata for accurate tagging and discoverability. 
  •  Secure Access - You can access the content you are entitled to receive. 
  •  Output Format - Modern and standard JSON output for easy consumption and parsing.


API Playground

The API Playground provides access to the RDP News APIs via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This is an interactive Sandbox environment that allows users to experiment with individual API calls and their responses. See the below section for further details.

It acts as an interactive reference guide and tool which allows you to test and explore with the APIs, send requests, view responses, and review Swagger documentation.

The API Playground also provides a Swagger tab with documentation and a ‘try it out’ interface that returns responses in JSON from the application.

Access to this site is available via a valid username and password, which you can obtain from your account manager. This site is best viewed using Google Chrome.


It is recommended clients download the News Service on Refinitiv Data Platform - Getting Started Guide from the Developer Community portal. This is on the Documentation News Service General Guidelines page.

This guide contains more information on the API Playground and Developer Community, as well as general information on using the Refinitiv Data Platform 

“ To get started, visit the Refinitiv Data Platform APIs for instructions on how to access the platform services”. In addition, the “Documentation” tab on this page includes a guide that provides details on the News API working environment and supporting resources. It is intended for software engineers and users of RDP who are familiar with the general principles of APIs.