Search - complimentary service

The “Search Light” family of APIs is part of the Refinitiv Data Platform for Wealth Management, enabling API users to search for a wide range of organisations, instruments, quotes and economic indicators.

Key features include:

  • Freeform (Google-like) quick search
  • Extensive filtering and ranking control
  • Faceted navigation
  • Views to limit searches to a subset of content
  • Thousands of properties
  • Lookup service for resolving large numbers of symbols
  • Metadata service to see what properties are available and what features they support
  • Health service, so that client apps can monitor a searchlight API dependency

Currently this API covers over:

  • 80 million quotes
  • 8 million instruments
  • 11 million organisations

“ To get started, visit the Refinitiv Data Platform APIs for instructions on how to access the platform services”. In addition, the “Documentation” tab on this page includes a guide that provides details on the News API working environment and supporting resources. It is intended for software engineers and users of RDP who are familiar with the general principles of APIs.