Filings API

Filings Service on Refinitiv Data Platform provides the largest global collection of Global Filings and EDGAR (US SEC) Filings documents. Refinitiv has unrivaled depth of nearly 40 million documents from 135,000 companies worldwide – spanning over 50 years of history. Our comprehensive coverage allow clients to access key features such as the complete EDGAR and SEDAR collections, global coverage for over 138 developed and emerging markets, and historical filings content dated back to 1968 for US and 1989 for other markets. We also provide unrivalled depth and access to unique documents, including annuals, insider reports and pricing supplements. Our investment in automated document feeds and newswires delivers timely and comprehensive collections for the USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, Italy, Australia, Singapore, India, China and Korea. Our global network of local experts alongside powerful web scraping tools result in unique coverage and unrivaled timeliness, with same day availability of most documents.

“ To get started, visit the Refinitiv Data Platform APIs for instructions on how to access the platform services”. In addition, the “Documentation” tab on this page includes a guide that provides details on the News API working environment and supporting resources. It is intended for software engineers and users of RDP who are familiar with the general principles of APIs.