Upgrading to Workspace

We will be discontinuing the Eikon Desktop soon in favour of our next generation data and analytics workflow solution, LSEG Workspace. This page is designed to help you assess any changes you may need to make to programmatic (API) workflows. We also provide resources here to help you make those changes as well.

Eikon 4 Desktop API (dotNet) Upgrade:


The Eikon .Net APIs are older APIs that were included with the Eikon desktop application providing access to real-time subscriptions, historical time-series and symbology conversion.  For the .Net migration, click on each tab to access some of the common details outlining the migration APIs and how to access the same features including some of the differences when using the new Data Library for .Net.  You can also view the entire guide within the Migrating Eikon .NET API calls to the Workspace .Net Data Library article.

Upgrading away from the Eikon .Net APIs

Target Audience

This product page, and the corresponding migration details only pertains to developers using the legacy .Net APIs available within the Eikon desktop offering. If you are using Python, COM, or Typescript, this is not relevant to you.

The Eikon .Net APIs are feature-complete and no new development work is being done on them. This means that new datasets and capabilities will not be available to users of these APIs. For access to such new capabilities, please migrate to Workspace.

Check if your code uses any of the Eikon .Net APIs by loading your C# project  within your Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and review the library packages used by your application.  Once you have loaded your application, you can refer to the project NuGet packages or the project References.  If it shows packages named ThomsonReuters, this migration guide is for you.

For example:

Advantages of migrating away from the Eikon .Net APIs:

  • Data Availability
    The Data Library for .Net provides access to a much larger content set available within the Workspace environment   
  • Modern .Net
    The Data Library for .Net is an active set of APIs built on top of modern, 64-bit based APIs.  
  • LSEG Workspace
    The Eikon .Net APIs will not be available within the Workspace environment


  • IDE such as Visual Studio 2022 or Visual Studio for Code
    During your migration effort, you can test some of the examples outlined within this article within your IDE of choice.
  • Eikon .Net APIs example package
    The example code used to describe existing API calls within Eikon and what this guide references.
  • Data Library for .Net example package
    The example code used to describe future API calls within Workspace and what this guide references. 
  • Setup Review
    For simplicity and to avoid bloating the details with setup code, we have only presented the relevant API calls for the specific actions.  You can refer to the example packages for details related to setup and connection into the desktop.