Websocket API

API Description

Websocket API for Pricing Streaming and Real-Time Services

This API consists of a Protocol Specification and a set of Example programs used to illustrate the usage of the protocol to make websocket connections to Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution Systems*, and, to Refinitiv Real-Time - Optimized (cloud solution) available via Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP).

DOWNLOAD Websocket API Examples and Protocol Specification.

These examples** are built using widely available Websocket frameworks and follow the Protocol Specification to demonstrate how to set up a websocket connection and use JSON message constructs to request and receive Refinitiv Real-Time content. 

* Applications written to WebSocket API protocol specification can connect to Refinitiv Real-Time Distributions System (RTDS) version 3.2.1 (and higher) where this transport is enabled.  

** These are meant to be examples for illustration purposes only and not production-ready code.  Features such as item recovery, connection recovery, etc., must be built into the application. 

More information about downloading: Please visit GitHub to download Examples with source code and Documentation. The protocol specification and examples are also available on GitHub. 
There are two sets of examples: 

  • Applications/Examples (illustrate connectivity directly to your infrastructure)  
  • Applications/Examples/RDP (illustrates connectivity to cloud solution aka Refinitiv Real-Time - Optimized (RTO) via Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP)).   

Key features illustrated by examples include:

  • Standards-based, WebSocket protocol usage and JSON payload formats
  • Data consumption and posting (contribution)
  • Support of Refinitiv open data models
  • Easy integration into multiple client technology standards e.g. Python, R, .Net etc