PermID - Record Matching - RESTful API

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The PermID Record Matching API allows you to match your own entity Person, Organization, Instrument, and Quote records with PermIDs. Once you have the PermID for a specific entity, you can retrieve the details using its PermID URL and enrich your database with the full extent of data.

The PermID Record Matching API is a REST API, which uses the POST verb. You can provide the entity records to match either as part of the REST call body, or in a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file. You can make a request using a csv file that contains up to 1000* records.

  • If you have your own universe, simply upload up to 1,000* of your own records 
  • Using the provided template include name, ticker, RIC plus any other fields you have, and then upload the template to get your matches
  • The engine will return PermIDs for entities that match our content

* Note: When matching against Person entity, you can submit up to 400 records in one request, and up to 1000 records for other entities.

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