Open PermID/Calais - Changes to Login process

To all registered users of Open PermID ( and Open Calais

This notification is to inform about key changes to the login process to these products, that may require action on your part


What is affected?

These changes affect services accessed via the Open PermID and Open Calais User Interfaces, at

They do not affect the Open PermID or Open Calais Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) - the keys used to access these APIs will not change

NOTE: These changes do not affect any other Refinitiv or Thomson Reuters products or services.

What is changing?

Beginning 13 Sep 2020, we will be migrating users to a new Refinitiv login screen (as shown below).

This is the same login screen used across many other Refinitiv products & services, such as Workspace, Eikon and MyRefinitiv


What will I need to do?

When you login to, and first see the new Refinitiv login screen (on or after 13 Sep 2020), sign in as follows:

  • Username: Enter the email address that you currently use to login to  
  • Password: 
    • If you already use your email address to login to other Refinitiv products & services (e.g. Workspace, Eikon, MyRefinitiv), enter your Refinitiv password
    • If you do not currently use your email address to login to other Refinitiv products & servers, enter your credentials. You should be able to login using the same username/password (you'll be then asked to set a new password)
    • If you are unable to login, you may be required to Re-register - please click on the 'REGISTER' link on the top right corner of, fill in the details on the page that follows and complete the registration process

Social media login users

Login using the social media icons (Facebook, LinkedIn) will no longer be supported on the new Refinitiv login screen. You will need to login using your email address and password.If your email address is already registered with, you can use it to login as described above. If not,  please visit the, and click on REGISTER (at top right) 



If you have any questions, please use the Q&A section of the Developer Community

Thanks again, for being part of our growing community of users.


Refinitiv Product Management