This page will provide you with access to example use cases to power financial workflows using Refinitiv APIs to access metals content. On the right are a series of articles describing various use cases in detail complete with code examples, snippets, and samples, as well as full Jupyter notebooks and source code available on GitHub. At the bottom of the page, you will find links to related APIs, with Overview, Quick Start Guide, full Documentation, and Tutorials.

Discover cash, forwards, and futures content from all key exchanges and content providers covering base metals, precious metals, iron ore and steel, battery, and minor metals. Our powerful and easy-to-use APIs provide news, price and market data, research, mine production, costs curves, deposits, lease rates, forecasts, and polls to enable you to power financial workflows and quantitative models for pricing, backtesting trading strategies, pre and post trade, and risk analysis and the like using our powerful set of APIs and Feeds, available via desktop solutions, software development kits (SDKs) and enterprise level APIs where redistribution of content is required. Our web APIs provide a broad range of language support, including Python, Typescript, .Net, and more, so you have unlimited integration options.