Intelligent Tagging - RESTful API

Intelligent Tagging uses natural language processing, text analytics and data-mining technologies to derive meaning from vast amounts of unstructured content. It’s the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to tag the people, places, facts and events in your data, and then assign financial topics and themes to increase your content’s value, accessibility and interoperability.

Connecting your data consistently with Intelligent Tagging helps you to search smarter, personalize content recommendations and generate alpha.

We offer access to Intelligent Tagging via a range of Deployment Options, ensuring the flexibility to evolve with your needs.


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Upload your content to the Live Demo to see exactly how Intelligent Tagging derives meaning from your content!

Try out our Swagger page on the Tutorials tab to discover the available API operations and parameters and learn about the API response.

Register for MyRefinitiv and then login to with your credentials to automatically get a free API Key for Open Calais, the free, limited version of Intelligent Tagging.


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