Workspace Web Integration Capabilities

The integration capability of Refinitiv Workspace allows you to create web pages that interact with and consume data from Refinitiv Workspace Web. This capability requires your application to run in the same browser than Refinitiv Workspace Web and it consists of the following TypeScript libraries:

Refinitiv Workspace Side By Side Interoperability Web API that enables your application to:

  • Authenticate with Refinitiv Workspace Web using standard Refinitiv Authentication (AAA) or Single Sign on mechanisms
  • Connect to the Refinitiv Workspace Web instance running in the same browser
  • Send and receive metadata on running applications: for example, an active RIC the application is working with
  • Launch a new instance of Refinitiv Workspace Web running an application

Refinitiv Data Platform Library for TypeScript (Beta) that enables your application to:

  • Leverage the Symbology Conversion service of the Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP). This service allows you to convert symbols/identifiers from one type to another like ISIN or CUSIP to Refinitiv RIC.
  • Send search queries to the Search API of the Refinitiv Data Platform, a powerful, Google-like search engine covering content such as quotes, instruments, organizations, and many other assets.
  • Retrieve Fundamental & Reference data and even more using the aggregated service that provides the large content set available via "TR." data items of Refinitiv Workspace. This content set includes Fundamentals, Price, Estimates, Indexes, Corporate Actions, Fixed Income, Lipper, Ownership, etc.
    Note: "TR." data items and their parameters can easily be discovered in Refinitiv Workspace using the Data Item Browser app (DIB).
  • Subscribe to real-time streaming Pricing and Market Data. Pricing data refers to exchange-traded, contributed, and evaluated data for all financial assets, including commodities, derivatives, equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, funds, indices, and loans used by financial market participants.