World-Check One API


World-Check One API, going forward referred to as WC1 API, is a workflow based API that enables you to harness the power of World-Check Risk Intelligence data through our next generation of LSEG Risk screening capabilities which can be easily integrated into your existing workflows and internal systems (such as CRM applications) to streamline your screening processes for various use cases such as Onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer and Third-party due-diligence, Ongoing monitoring, etc.

WC1 API is delivered as a REST/JSON web service, accessible exclusively over HTTPS. The API schema is in Swagger 2.0 format (also known as the OpenAPI specification format), so developers integrating with the WC1 API can benefit from the many supporting tools, documentation and resources available within the Swagger/OpenAPI ecosystem.

Based on your use case and user journeys, you may have various problems to solve. Below listed are very few of such problems.

Which problems are you trying to solve?

How can WC1 API help?

1.      I want to implement an automated screening workflow within my customer onboarding journey (or any other use case where screening is required).

2.      I want to integrate screening capabilities into my existing case/workflow management tool.

3.      I want to automate screening workflow, but I want a UI to work on the cases created since I do not have my own case/workflow management tool.


4.      I do not have my own case/workflow management tool, but I want to automate end-to-end screening workflow including case resolution.

5.      I have my own internal watchlists which I want to screen my customers against alongside World-Check Risk Intelligence data.

6.      I want to screen my customers against negative media/news.


7.      I want to tag certain cases as high-risk based on our risk appetite and perform ongoing monitoring.

1.      Can screen customer names, with or without secondary identifiers such as gender, date of birth, identification documents, etc.

2.      Able to extract screening results and respective matched record details.

3.      WC1 API comes with a complimentary WC1 UI license for client administration purposes. Additional user licenses can be purchased for case management purposes.

4.      Leverage case manager APIs to resolve and review the matches within your internal or third-party applications.

5.      Upload/maintain client-watchlists from your internal list management tools and configure the necessary screening settings within WC1 UI Admin portal.

6.      Screen against both structured (within World-Check Risk Intelligence data) and unstructured (media-check within WC1) data.

7.      Update risk-rating as High and enable the case for ongoing screening and review the (resolved) matches in case of any updates. Furthermore, you can also initiate an instant full or delta re-screen, if required, from your applications.

Below is a diagram illustrating a high-level sample interaction between your internal system and the World-Check One API.

Get Started

As a commercial offering, WC1 API requires access to be enabled via product licensing. If you were provided with the access, you should have your set of API keys which can be used to authenticate and access the API. If you do not have access, contact your LSEG Account Manager.

As a developer, you have full access to the WC1 API developer portal resources, as well as access to two WC1 API accounts – Pilot and Production (more details here). You can use your “Pilot” account to verify your integration in a pre-production setting without the risk of affecting production data. Once the integration has passed your UAT criteria, it can be progressed to the WC1 API production environment for real-world use. The only change required to promote your integration to your production environment is updating the API keys within your configuration database.

To check your access and get started, please head over to our Quick Start instructions.

Troubleshooting and support

Debugging an error? Head over to our developer community to search for questions raised by other developers and find useful troubleshooting tips.

Have a question? Post it in our Q&A forum by selecting Forum as “World-Check One”, Tags as “world-check-one-api” and one of our API consultants will attend to it.

Need more help? Raise your concern via MyRefinitiv Support tool and one of our specialists will reach out asap.

Want to share an idea or general feedback? Keep them coming our way via MyRefinitiv Feedback tool and we will prioritize our roadmaps accordingly.

Stay informed

WC1 API is updated frequently with new functionality and system changes to better suit your needs. All the changes are usually documented and available in the documentation under Changelog section.

Ensure you’re aware of upcoming system changes and/or new functionality that may affect your workflows or require action on your part by subscribing to Product Change Notifications (PCNs).

You can also view and subscribe to PCNs, Data Notifications, and Service Alerts on the Notifications & Alerts page in MyRefinitiv.

About Us

World-Check One is an essential screening platform, created to support your due diligence needs in the fight against financial crime, bribery, and corruption. Paired with data from World-Check Risk Intelligence, our next-generation automated screening software lets you take a targeted approach to Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and third-party screening.

Accelerate and simplify compliance with regulatory obligations relating to anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) using World-Check One’s purpose-built software, enabling detailed screening and monitoring of politically exposed persons (PEPs) and heightened risk individuals and entities.

Streamline your screening processes with powerful customisation and control, and a range of time-saving features for single users or large teams. Our unified World-Check One platform helps to make remediation simpler and more intelligent.

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