Quick Start

This quick start gives you some technical details, and explains some concepts. It also links to further reading to facilitate your elarning process. Please read this quick start as your first learning step.


The Qual-ID API is a stateless web service based on RESTful architecture.

The production endpoint is supported solely on HTTPS, all requests need to be SSL/TLS compliant. The base URL for the API is https://api.refinitiv.com/verification/v1

The API uses built-in HTTP features, such as HTTP authentication, errors and verbs which are understood by standard HTTP clients.

For all requests, the body must be in standard JSON format, and the following header must be set:


The response body is also in JSON format. It should not be treated as fixed or as a schema, new fields may be added as the API evolves, and the order of fields might change. Your applications must therefore be resilient to the reordering of fields within a JSON object.


Qual-ID requires product specific credentials. If you do not have any, please contact your local Refinitiv account manager.

The Qual-ID API  is Qual ID API is built on Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP). The Refinitiv Data Platform provides access of REST API to Refinitiv content and services backed by standard authentication and entitlements. Built on top of the cloud-based RDP, the APIs provide a standard workflow that enables clients – both humans and machines alike – to easily establish a session to access the platform and any content and capability that you are entitled to use. The RDP APIs are protected resources and require to be authenticated before making a data call. This authentication and provisioning of the access token are based on the OAuth 2.0 specification. OAuth 2.0 is an authorization protocol that gives an API application limited access to data on a web server. OAuth system defines various mechanisms to get an access token.

 the application can get an access token, initially through a Resource Owner Password Credentials request, and later by using a Refresh Token. Access tokens are valid for five minutes. Once a valid token is received, this token must be sent with every request to get data. The RDP component Security Token Service (STS) verifies that a token is included in the data request. If the token is still valid and has an appropriate scope, the request can access the API. Once authenticated, you can interact with the APIs.  

The Authorization header is constructed by the following process:

Username: The Username can be the Developer ID or a Machine ID

  • Password: Enter generated password from the welcome email

  • Grant Type: This value will always be password.

  • Scope: This value will always be trapi.

  • TakeExchangeSignOnControl: This value will always be true.

  • Client ID: unique key generated through app key generator

Many popular tools (such as Postman or SOAPUI) and HTTP client libraries in most programming languages will do the encoding work for you, requiring you to simply provide the headers. 


Making a Test Verification

If this is your first integration with Qual-ID you should have access to API playground, which is your test harness tool. If you are unsure whether you have access to test harness tool, or how to access it, please contact your local Refinitiv account manager.

The API playground is intended to let you get a feel for how Qual-ID API works, but does not perform live transactions against real data. Rather, it checks the given identity against a static test database. For this reason you will need to use a test entity.


Test Entities

A test entity is a dummy identity provided by Qual-ID, which matches a record in our test database. Test entities can be safely verified in demo accounts without having any impact on real people or data. Please contact your local Refinitiv account manager or your implementation team contact to get the test data.

Please refer to swagger docs for more information on the full data model available here

Building Your Production Integration

Integration & Best Practices

Once you've read this quickstart guide, and have worked through the tutorials, we recommend working closely with the Refinitiv Implementation team to ensure you are set up for success. You will receive any assistance you need to guarantee that your integration goes as smoothly as possible. For more information about Qual-ID API Implementation Services assistance, please contact your account manager. 

Live API Credentials

Once you're satisfied with your initial test of the API, you should contact you account manager to receive live API credentials. This will allow you to begin checking identities against live datasources, rather than the hardcoded test entities.