The Qual-ID RDP API helps to automate your business processes by performing Identity Verification and Document Verification, so that you can comply with regulations and identify potential financial crime. You can onboard your customers faster and easier with robust API documentation, trusted and vetted data sources, normalized data fields, and an easy RESTful API integration.


The Qual-ID API is a stateless web service based on RESTful architecture. The production endpoint is supported solely on HTTPS.

The API uses built-in HTTP features, such as HTTP authentication, errors and verbs which are understood by standard HTTP clients.

Request and response body data are in standard JSON format.


As a commercial offering, the Qual-ID API requires authentication for access control, using appropriate credentials. If you do not have any, contact your local Refinitiv account manager.


To contact sales about getting access to Qual-ID,  go to: https://www.refinitiv.com/en/products/qual-id-digital-identity-verification

Find out how to contact your local office https://refinitiv.com/locations

Read more about our products at https://refinitiv.com/

For all API questions please refer to the Q&A forum at https://community.developers.refinitiv.com/spaces/291/view.html

For Production Support relating to the Qual-ID API please enter at case at https://my.refinitiv.com