Plotting Financial Data Chart with Plotly Python

Presenter: Wasin Waeosri from Refinitiv

Length: 10 mins

Data visualization is the first impression of data analysis for the readers. Data Scientists, Financial coders, and Developers take time on the data visualization process longer than the time they use for getting the data. It means the data visualization/chart library need to be easy to use, flexible, and have a good document.

Plotly Python provides both ease-of-use/high-level and low-level interfaces for supporting a wide range of Developers' skills. Developers can pick the Plotly Chart object (line, bar, scatter, candlestick, etc) that matches their requirements, check the Plotly example code and community page to create a nice chart with readable and easy to maintain source code.

Full article and details about the steps to retrieve the data can be found in the following article.