In this landing page you will find information about the our activities  where we sopport the Academia, inclusing organization of International Uiversity Hackathons and Academic Article Compertitions.

University Hackathon

The aim of the Hackathon is to aid students to apply their academic knowledge within both a commercial and technically secure environment, enabling students to put themselves in the shoes of the professional working in financial and commercial fields.

More about the Hackathon and the previous winners can be found in respective landing pane above.

Academic Article Comperition

Our Academic Articles are aimed at academics at Undergraduate level or higher. As a result, all Mathematical and Theoretical concepts are explained - step by step - as they would be in professors’ lecture notes. We do not shy away from exemplifying many working-out steps, explaining used nomenclature and providing further material and references.

The range of possible studies with such data is limitless. You may find – in this landing page – examples constructing Mathematical Models such as Econometric Models (Linear/Non-Linear Mean/Variance Models using Ordinary Least Squares or Maximum Likelihood Estimation), Forecasting and Interpolation frameworks (e.g.: using Holt-Winters Models).

More about the competion and previously published articles can be found in respective landing pane above.

Our API coverage

Our easy to use web APIs provide access to all the bellow and more:

  • The largest and deepest Economic database available with over 8.5 million active economic indicators and 65 years of history across 175 countries. With such data, one may study patterns in market trends, economic cycles, or the impact of world events (e.g.: implementing instrumental variable analysis).
  • Aggregate data from sector, government, financial and non-financial accounts, GDP and debt markets. 
  • Microeconomic content Including indicators across housing, energy, automotive, aviation, construction, commodities, labor plus key indicators for sub-national areas.
  • 1,000+ national sources including central banks, central statistical agencies, ministries of finance, trade, and labor, trade associations and research institutes.
  • 1800 economic indicators, with figures released in real-time. Value-added content includes polling conducted by Reuters
  • Use cases for economic content include trading, analysis of companies and financial instruments, macro-economic modeling, micro-economic modeling, sector and sub-sector modeling, econometrics, credit, risk assessments and data science.


Video Tutorials

You may access our video tutorials on our API pages (e.g.: on the Eikon API Tutorial page). Some of our articles also have tutorial videos aimed at (coding) beginers.

Twitch Streaming

If you have any questions that you'd like answered live, please do not hesitate to participate/watch one of our Live Twitch Coding Sessions scheduled every week (temporarily on hold, due to return in June 2022). During these sessions, our Developer Advocates simply write new articles live on air! They are archived on YouTube so that you can watch them retroactively.