World-Check One API: Supplier Onboarding on a Third-Party Management System

A software vendor (“CLIENT”) chose World-Check One API (“API”) as their screening solution for supplier onboarding in their Third-Party Management Systems.  Their plan is to integrate the API’s screening capability with their third-party management software and offer these to other customers.  Compared to the competition, they found the API easy to integrate, secure, and meets all their customer’s supplier or vendor screening requirements. This allows seamless integration into their mostly automated workflow and management of the entire third-party relationship life cycle.

The CLIENT’s system allows their customers to enter vendor / supplier information either as single entries or in bulk via their software platform.  A customer-directed workflow follows soon after, such as online surveys, document review, along with screening the vendor / supplier against the World-Check Risk Intelligence data using World-Check One API.

World-Check One API’s synchronous screening capability provide an almost immediate response to the single-name screening needs when the CLIENT’s customers onboard vendors or suppliers.  The API’s synchronous screening endpoint allow the CLIENT to send all the key details of the target organization, such as the vendor’s name and registered country.  The API also offer a separate endpoint that allows the upload and automatic screening of up to 50 vendor / supplier names, registered country, and custom fields, all in a single JSON request.

Synchronous Screening API Request for Single-Name-Screening

Bulk Save-and-Screen capability, allowing multiple entities to be screened in a single API call.

World-Check One’s next generation name screening technology uses fuzzy matching to find close matches against the World-Check database and optionally filter off those that do not match with the secondary identifiers provided. 

The API’s response provides a structured set of information that the CLIENT utilizes to support their software’s automate workflow.  The response provides all matching entities from the World-Check database, along with details such as match strength and score, entity name that matched, and the match status of secondary identifiers.  World-Check One provide a long list of configurable settings and thresholds for the CLIENT, both to help with pre-screening and post-screening filtering, keeping the false positives low and allowing for higher overall decision confidence by the CLIENT’s application logic or their customer’s human analysts.

World-Check One API Screening Result

The full details of a matching entity can be retrieved via the World-Check One API.  The returned information is based on Refinitiv’s World Check Risk Intelligence database.  Among other items, the details include:

  • Organization name
  • One or more aliases
  • Names in native or non-Latin characters
  • Associated persons and organizations, along with their respective details
  • Known locations
  • Corporate registration details
  • Sources for these information
  • Other relevant details such as weblinks, associated dates

The CLIENT’s automated workflow system or their customer’s analysts remediate the matches and assign values such as false, possible, or true matches, based on the rich information provided by World-Check through the API and other non-World Check data sources that the CLIENT’s customers use for correlation.  Assigning remediation values and remarks is integrated into the CLIENT’s application by calling the API:

World-Check One API call to resolve the case

When the suppliers are approved and get onboarded, they are optionally set to Ongoing Screening (OGS) via the World-Check One API.  This provides automated ongoing screening with no further action required on the CLIENT’s customers.  Future updates to matching records will trigger a notification on the CLIENT’s application.  The automated screening frequency is configurable on the World-Check One portal:

Configurable Ongoing Screening frequency

The CLIENT’s software polls the API on a regular basis, ensuring that any OGS hit is immediately brought to the attention of the user: 

Ongoing Screening Monitoring API Request

Ongoing Screening Monitoring API Response

World-Check One API provide an easy-to-integrate screening solution that enhance the CLIENT’s Third-Party Screening offering, providing quick synchronous responses using best-in-class matching technology, bulk data uploads, ongoing screening, multiple API options for workflow flexibility, and unmatched World-Check Risk Intelligence data.