Yield Book Analytics


Yield Book REST API allows customers to incorporate Yield Book analytics and data into their own applications and workflows.  Utilizing Yield Book REST API customers could request indicative data and perform Price/Yield and Scenario Analysis on a wide array of Fixed Income securities such as Treasuries, Mortgage Pools, CMOs, etc.  Yield Book's REST API runs in the cloud and uses the same proprietary analytics engine that powers calculations on millions of securities each day.

Yield Book REST API accepts both JSON and XML formats, and is designed for uses cases as simple as running a calculation on a single bond to bulk calculations on the entire holdings of a financial institution. With it, you can:

  • Build interactive applications which could be deployed to multiple users who can perform calculations independently
  • Create large batch jobs e.g. overnight reporting for risk management, pre-trade analysis for compliance and order management systems, cash flow forecasting tool, etc.