Open Data Access Control System API - Java

API Description

Management of fee-liable data is increasingly important, as data vendors are scrutinizing use of their content more closely. The Refinitiv Data Access Control System (DACS) and Open DACS are recognized by vendors as credible entitlement products, giving our clients peace of mind whilst helping them minimize the cost of the data they require.

The Open DACS API is an extension to DACS.

DACS provides the ability to administer, permission and track data usage of all users and applications across the enterprise.

The Open DACS API is a flexible programmatic interface, which extends this data access management capability across all custom or third-party applications. It provides customers with a generic and scalable solution to the problem of managing and reporting fee liable data throughout a financial enterprise.

The Open DACS technology is particularly useful when clients distribute data to users and applications that receive market data indirectly from the Refinitiv Real-Time. These applications are referred to as downstream accesses, where a server sources data from the Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution System (RTDS) and then passes it onto numerous end users and applications.

OpenDACS can be used when consuming data via the RTDS, but not for data consumed directly from feeds such as Refinitiv Real-Time Edge Device or Refinitiv Real-Time - Direct.

How does the Open DACS API help our clients?

Open DACS helps our clients meet complex exchange regulations, as every user needs to be reported:

  1. DACS provides a single console to monitor data consumption and define user data accesses across the entire enterprise.
  2. DACS is a powerful tool to manage market data expenditure and helps reduce cost (e.g. dual exchange liability).
  3. By using OpenDACS it can be integrated into in-house and third party systems.

Diagram showing how an application uses the API to permission user data access using DACS