Refinitiv Management Classes (RMC) - C++ Edition


Refinitiv Management Classes (RMC) is Refinitiv open and supported strategic management interface. It is the API that provides clients and third-party developers access to management information. Refinitiv, clients, and third-party developers can write to the API to use this information in management applications.

The RMC Developers Kit contains all the components necessary to access management information for a variety of managing applications.

Key Features

Users of RMC can write applications to do the following:

  • Programmatic access to application specific management data for monitoring and system performance analysis
  • Support Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution System (RTDS)


  • Facilitates Open Systems
  • Embraces popular environments
  • Protects your investment in technology
  • Leverages existing infrastructure
  • Enhances system manageability and efficiency
  • No impact on application (RMC managed applications output management information to shared memory).

Product Content

The RMC provides a programmable interface for monitoring software for the purpose of enhancing the manageability of a system.

The RMC software package contains the following:

  • An object-oriented C++ class library for managing applications.
  • Supporting documentation.

The library can be used by Refinitiv groups, and third party developers to create a variety of managing applications. These managing applications would enable administrators to monitor a system on a node effectively and efficiently.