Refinitiv Data Library for .Net

Access Credentials

The Refinitiv Data Libraries are designed as ease-of-use interfaces, available in multiple programming languages, allowing the developer a consistent way to access content from multiple supporting access points.  As outlined within the Concepts documentation, the libraries support access to content from either the Desktop (Eikon or Refinitiv Workspace), directly to the cloud (Refinitiv Data Platform), or via a locally deployed enterprise installation (ADS).

The following guide will outline the required credentials, depending on how you wish to access the content.

Access Points

Each point of access will require unique credentials to retrieve content. 

Desktop - Eikon or Refinitiv Workspace

When accessing content from the desktop, you should have already obtained a valid desktop login.  Therefore, to access content using the libraries, you will need an App Key required for a Desktop Session.

Content Support: Streaming, Request/Reply, Alerts, Bulk.


Platform - Refinitiv Data Platform

Accessing content directly within the cloud utilizes the OAuth 2.0 specification to ensure secure communication.  While the libraries will shield the user from OAuth token management, the following credentials will be required to access content using the Platform Session:

User ID / Machine ID A User ID or Machine ID provided to you.
Password The User / Machine Password provided to you.
App Key An Application Key used to monitor the application. Users can generate/manage their application IDs here.

To acquire your Platform credentials, you will need to reach out to your Refinitiv Account Manager.

Content Support: Streaming, Request/Reply, Alerts, Bulk.


Streaming services within a deployed ADS

Refinitiv offers streaming capabilities from the platform through deployed managed services.  When accessing deployed streaming services, clients will typically require the following access credentials:

  • Hostname/IP and port of the specific streaming server
  • Optionally, DACS (Data Access Control System) credentials:
    • UserName
    • Position
    • Application ID

To acquire credentials to access your deployed ADS servers using a Platform Session within the libraries, you will need to reach out to your local market data manager.

Content Support: Streaming.

Next Steps

Once you have acquired the required credentials, you can now move on to the following Quick Start guides: