Portfolio Recalibrator API


Wealth firms are looking to connect the different tools and content sets advisors use to create efficient, integrated workflows. They continue to struggle to manage the vast quantities of proprietary investment information, market data, and client data needed to deliver optimal investment advice to clients in an engaging manner.

Refinitiv Portfolio Recalibrator API is designed to support asynchronous calls maximize efficiency in performing automated rebalancing of individual accounts and household’s containing multiple accounts. As our clients provide all data within the API payload no licensing of third-party data is required.

  • Enables a Wealth Advisor, or their team, to rebalance investment account or Households (many accounts) to a model portfolio.
  • Rebalance individual client accounts or household or multiple accounts on a selected frequency. Account position may be at the aggregate or lot level.
  • Accounts with Lot Level position may also specify a lot relief methodology when generating a trade list.
  • Households may be rebalanced with tax location efficiency and tax relief methodology
  • Rebalance to a Model Portfolio consisting of upper and lower tolerance bands, bands are used to minimize trading activity
  • Account or Household constraints may be created to achieve the client’s rebalancing objective. These constraints include:
  • Excludes – Ignoring position held in the account
  • Cash Buffer – raises cash in the account to meet the client’s needs
  • Additional Cash – ability to raise additional cash beyond the cash buffer
  • Equivalencies – identifies like securities to minimize trading.
  • Excludes and Locks may be set at the product level
  • When rebalancing to Equivalencies you may elect to buy into the account or model security.
  • Ability to set rounding rules associated with fractional share trading.
  • API Response provides a detailed trade list and drift analysis
  • No PII is required to rebalance individual accounts and households