Refinitiv Data Management Solution (RDMS)

Refinitiv Data Management Solution

The Refinitiv Data Management Solution (RDMS) is an open platform that allows you to integrate the great depth and breadth of Refinitiv’s commodity data into your workflows.



The Refinitiv Data Management Solution merges and normalizes data across a range of sources. The solution serves as an aggregator of disparate data sources giving clients the option to ingest and standardize data from three types of sources:

  • Data from Refinitiv
  • Data from other third-parties
  • Data from internal sources within the relevant organization

The Refinitiv Data Management Solution then allows customers to disseminate the aggregated data via TRM, Excel, Dashboard or Scripting output forms.

Refinitiv enables clients to make the best possible use of their data, technology and human or artificial intelligence. We provide clients with access to the most comprehensive, trusted and up-to-date data on the global commodity markets. Our integrated solution ensures consumption of big data in a logical and structured manner to extract maximum value from internal or external data sets at a lower cost.