FX Trading - RFQ Maker

This page will be the home of FX Trading - RFQ Maker APIs.

The first API to feature on this page is the Refinitiv Quick Trade Cash RFQ API. Others APIs will follow over time and information about them remains available on My Refinitiv.

Refinitiv FXall’s Quick Trade CASH RFQ API supports spots, swaps, forwards and SSPs across single allocation and multi-allocation trade requests. This API enables providers to support their clients using the new Forward First Fixing workflow and auto-quoting of mixed dealts and two-way pricing of SSPs. Providers can choose to migrate all their Cash RFQ flows from FXall Java API TCPI to the FIX API or only migrate those needed to support their client’s trading needs.



  • Support client trading needs with Forward First Fixings, mixed dealts and two-way pricing of SSPs
  • Supports all fixing order types
  • Flexibility to continue using TCPI and only migrate Cash RFQ flows you want to use on the CASH RFQ FIX API
  • Standardized APIs across RFQ and FX options


Key features

  • Developer portal to streamline the onboarding process with documents and Q&A section
  • Multi-provider quotes last for 120 seconds, no timeout period on single provider RFQ
  • Supports FIX protocol versions 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 5.0 SP2
  • FIX APIs align with industry standards
  • Supported on SEF, MTF, UK MTF and Off-venue platforms