Datastream Web Service

Quick Start

Quick start purpose

The purpose of this Quick Start is to demonstrate an example of one of the DSWS API delivery methods and thus help you discover how to use it.

DSWS user account (Datastream Child ID and password) is required.

How to retrieve data using DSWS

Once your DSWS account has been authorized, data can be retrieved by using the following procedural steps:

  • Obtain a secure token by passing your credentials
  • Create your request with the appropriate instrument, data types and date information.
  • Submit the request using the secure token
  • Extract data from the response

The DSWS SOAP C# example

The sample quick start code is a simple example that illustrates the basic steps listed above, to authenticate and retrieve some data. It is available for download here.

The first step is to install the zip file in your local folder.

Then double click on Client.App.sln to open the project in Microsoft Visual Studio. Open the two code files.

A DSWS user account (Datastream Child ID and password) is required to run the code successfully. The username format is four letters and three numbers (ZABC123).

Enter your credentials inside the ServiceHelper.cs code, here:


var tokenRequest = new DSGetTokenRequest()


    UserName = "", //add your Datastream credentials here

    Password = ""


Now you can run the file: click on Start

If you made a mistake with the username or password you will get an error message, otherwise a message will state that a token was successfully retrieved.

Press Enter to continue.

Once the log in details are successful we create a simple request to retrieve the data, specifying the instrument (VOD), data type (PL - the lowest price achieved on the day) and date range.  The data is retrieved and displayed, the full output should look like this:

For more details refer to the Tutorial presenting a step-by-step explanation on how to create a sample request using C# inside Microsoft Visual Studio.