(Deprecated) COM APIs for use in customer applications

We have something better... We will be discontinuing this API soon, but dont worry! We have an updated API that suits your needs better.


Refinitiv Eikon provides access to real-time market data, news, fundamental and reference data, research and analytics etc. Most of the data available from Eikon can be retrieved programmatically using APIs included with Eikon product. These APIs are designed for ease of use and for rapid application development.

Application developers using Eikon APIs do not need to worry about data entitlements as these are enforced by Eikon and shared with the APIs.

The Refinitiv Eikon end user license agreement prohibits any type of data redistribution. If you require redistribution of data, then you should consider one of the Refinitiv Platform products.

Custom standalone applications utilizing Eikon COM APIs are applications running in a process other than Eikon for Microsoft Office, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. These custom applications have to be run on a computer with Eikon installed.

The Eikon Desktop Data API can be used with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), VB, C++ and .Net languages (C#, VB.Net, etc.).  The API was specifically designed to enable the developer to build applications not possible with the native Microsoft Office APIs.

Note: Because the "Eikon – Microsoft Office" APIs utilize add-in capabilities to automatically establish communication to the Eikon desktop on the users’ behalf, for example the Excel Add-in component, there is no need for the Eikon Desktop Data API component.

How the API works

The Eikon Desktop Data API only works when connected to the Refinitiv Platform through Refinitiv Eikon Desktop.  The following steps outline the general usage of the API within custom applications:

  • Create and initialize an EikonDesktopDataAPI instance – this initiates a connection to Eikon
  • During the initialization, the API ensures the Eikon Desktop is running on the same machine and is connected to the platform
  • If it detects Eikon is not running, Eikon will be automatically launched for the user to log in
  • The API is properly initialized when it is connected to Eikon and the desktop is connected to the platform
  • Once properly connected, the application is free to access the supported "Eikon - Microsoft Office" APIs to begin data retrieval

Data through custom applications is subject to the same limitations and entitlements as through Refinitiv Eikon Desktop based on the user profile.  The Eikon Desktop Data API shares most of the capabilities with the "Eikon - Microsoft Office" APIs which include:

We have something better...

We will be discontinuing this API soon, but dont worry! We have an updaed API that suits your needs better.