World-Check Data File

IMPORTANT NOTE:  World-Check Data File is not currently available via API.  This site contains information about the data files and includes synthetic sample files and supporting documentation for prospective clients and partners who are working with a Refinitiv professional and have signed an MNDA.

World-Check Data File is a detailed and structured content delivery mechanism designed to assist organisations from the financial and non-financial sectors to help identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk.  World-Check Data File is available in two subscription levels:

The full set of structured, de-duplicated, risk-based data with multiple secondary identifiers. The Standard base subscription includes:

  • Standard Data File
  • Deleted Records file

The full set of standard data as well as added features designed for organizations screening large numbers of records, and who require tools to make faster decisions on results during hit remediation. The Advanced base subscription includes:

  • Premium Data File - all fields included in the Standard file plus: 
  • Low Quality Alias, Update Category, PEP Roles, PEP Status, and Special Interest Categories fields
  • PEP field Sub-Category classification (e.g. 'PEP N' indicating the PEP is within the national government. Standard file will only display 'PEP'.) 
  • Option to add field update dates to your file configuration
  • Deleted Records File
  • Native Character Names File, containing more than 40 non-Latin character sets for screening names in native script                                                                                                                                                     

To review the full set of differences between the two subscriptions, see Making the Most of World-Check Risk Intelligence Data.

Data File Access

World-Check Data File is a commercial offering, and as such access must be enabled via product licensing by the World-Check Administrative team before any live file can be downloaded from the AWS hosting sites.  World-Check Data File does not offer trial access subscriptions.

This site gives you access to the most recent World-Check Data File technical documentation, sample (synthetic) files, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) containing responses from our expert teams on common queries regarding the data or data file during and after integration.