World-Check On Demand API (Early Access Programme)


The World-Check On Demand API is the next-generation World-Check Risk Intelligence database. It was created to offer improved and more timely access to information that assists businesses in meeting their due diligence obligations, identifying potential financial criminal activity, and attending to Politically Exposed Persons monitoring requirements, among other things. World-Check On Demand API delivers the data primarily through REST APIs, which allows organisations to easily integrate the information into their own systems and processes.

This next generation system provides an enriched version of the data, including provenance on key fields, new granular categorisation, and much more highly structured data, which will help organisations to make more informed decisions when screening individuals or entities to do business with. With the World-Check On Demand API, organizations can quickly and easily access the information they need to comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations, and to protect themselves and their customers from the risks associated with financial crime.

The World-Check On Demand API is currently in development and offers a Sandbox environment to select clients and partners.

API Description

The World-Check On Demand API is delivered as a REST/JSON web service published through the Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP) API Gateway.  It is designed to provide the next-generation World-Check data using a new content data model in two general formats:

  • Synchronous API response
  • Asynchronous via file downloads

An OpenAPI 3.0 schema and Swagger file is available that descrives all features and data used within the API, allowing developers to benefit from the many supporting tools, documentation, and resources available within the OpenAPI  / Swagger ecosystem.


The World-Check Data API will have two customer-facing environments: (1) Live and (2) Sandbox. In most ways, they are functionally equivalent, with the main difference being that Sandbox uses mock (i.e., synthetic) data while Live uses real World-Check data.

The Sandbox mock data is intended to be structurally and statistically representative of the live data, allowing users to review the data structure, fields, and sample values, allowing for better planning as a new integration or migration from World-Check Data File.

The Sandbox environment enables prospective and existing clients to explore and evaluate the World-Check On Demand API's features and capabilities, such as the query language, filters, API endpoints, and authentication requirements, among others. This will also allow for test integration or proof-of-concept work, as well as aid in the evaluation of the technical challenge, developer skill set requirements, and roadmap planning.

The Sandbox is still in its early stages of development. While some API-related items are already available for testing, the capabilities and mock data are limited.

Early Access Programme

The World-Check On Demand API Early Access Programme (EAP) allows a select group of clients/partners to evaluate the next generation capabilities via the Sandbox, with an initial focus on the Payment Screening use case.  This will allow these clients and partners the following benefits:

  • Allow for the evaluation of business uplift and the identification of opportunities to streamline existing processes.
  • Allow for a review of the new data structure before going live with development and adoption.
  • Allow for the development of a business case for adoption based on expected business value.
  • Enable the evaluation of migration effort and costs.
  • Provide opportunities to contribute to roadmap prioritisation.