Step By Step Guide EMA C# Project and Solution

with VS Code and .NET CLI

Presenter: Wasin Waeosri from LSEG

Length: 9.08 mins

Real-Time SDK (C# Edition) (RTSDK, formerly known as Elektron SDK) is a suite of modern and open source APIs (GitHub) that aim to simplify development through a strong focus on ease of use and standardized access to LSEG Real-Time Platform.


The RTSDK C# Edition can run on Windows, Oracle Linux Server, Red Hat Enterprise Server and Ubuntu Linux platforms. It supports the Visual Studio 2022 IDE for the full features development experience but the IDE is available for Windows developers only. Fortunately, the RTSDK C# Edition also supports the cross-platform .NET SDK 6 (aka .NET Core 6) framework and the Visual Studio Code (aka VS Code) editor is available for all major OS platforms. Linux and Windows developers who are using the VS Code editor can implement the real-time streaming application with LSEG Real-Time platform using the RTSDK C# Edition.


Please find the full detail from Developers Article: Step By Step Guide to create EMA C# API application project and solution with VS Code page.