Introduction to Tick History (GUI, C# example, and REST API)

Presenter: Raksina Samasiri

Length: 42 Mins

Refinitiv Tick History is a historical market data service, offering global intraday time and sales, quotes, and market-depth content dating back to January 1996. The product set contains in excess of 45 petabytes of data covering both over the counter (OTC) and exchange-traded instruments from over 500 exchanges and third-party data contributors, with the majority of data available two hours after markets close. In this video, you will learn an overview of our Tick History product and API. We’ll walk through some example code in C# and Tick History REST API and learn how to get started with examples that demonstrate how to retrieve the intraday bars data. There are obviously many other uses case for the product including Backtesting your Strategies and Evaluating your Execution Algorithms.