How to Set Up Real-Time SDK Java Application with Maven on the Eclipse IDE

Presenter: Wasin Waeosri from Refinitiv

Length: 9.30 mins

Refinitiv Real-Time SDK (Java Edition) (RTSDK, formerly known as Elektron SDK) is a suite of modern and open source APIs that aim to simplify development through a strong focus on ease of use and standardized access to a broad set of Refinitiv proprietary content and services via the proprietary TCP connection named RSSL and proprietary binary message encoding format named OMM Message. The capabilities range from low latency/high-performance APIs right through to simple streaming Web APIs.

The SDK has been mavenized to support Apache Maven and Gradle build automation tools since version 1.2. This supports helps Java developers to build the RTSDK Java application, manage its dependencies (Java Developers do not need to manually manage different versions of jar files anymore), and better collaboration in the team.

This video shows how to create the RTSDK - Java's Maven project with the Eclipse IDE to get the library dynamically and run the EMA Java examples.

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