Presenter: Jirapongse Phuriphanvichai from LSEG

Length: 8:57 mins

OpenSSL, zlib, and cURL are open-source computer software projects to secure communications over computer networks, compress data, and transfer data through various network protocols, respectively. The projects are comprised of command-line tools, header files, and libraries. They are widely used by many systems, applications, and libraries including Refinitiv Real-Time SDK C/C++. Users can utilize OpenSSL, zlib, and cURL libraries available on the system or build the latest versions of those libraries from the source code.


This video demonstrates step by step to build OpenSSL, zlib, and cURL libraries from the source code on a Linux machine (Centos 7). Then, it shows how to use these libraries in Refinitiv Real-Time SDK C/C++. 


For more information, please also refer to the How to Build OpenSSL, zlib, and cURL Libraries on Linux article.