Eikon Data API - Python Quants Tutorial 3 - Symbology

Presenter: Dr. Yves Hilpisch of The Python Quants     

Length: 19 mins
Building on the basics, we now turn to symbology, focussing in particular on RICs, conversions and data fields. The Eikon Data API allows for easy symbology conversions and gives access to a wealth of data fields per instrument. The Data Item Browser allows searching for both RICs,data fields and parameters, and also displays values to help you zero in on the right field.

  • RICs (Reuters Instruments Codes) - used to specify which instruments to request data or news for
  • Help on API functions: using Python docstrings
  • Symbology conversions - as there are a number of different symbology types (e.g. ISIN, SEDOL etc) used in financial markets, the ability to map and convert between these different schemes is very useful (e.g. RIC to ISIN)
  • Working with RICs - with the RICs available, we show you how to retrieve  data and news
  • Working with data fields - which the Data API gives you access to for single or multiple instruments via the Data Item Browser, along with the various parameters you can request for each field
  • Working with Chain RICs -when you're looking for RICs that have a common association (e.g. constituent members of the FTSE 100), the RIC structure also provides access to groups or chains of RICs, that are maintained by Refinitiv. This makes life easier across indices and future & options, for example                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Next Tutorial>>>