Develop with Refinitiv WebSocket API Docker Image with C# in VS Code

Presenter: Wasin Waeosri from Refinitiv

Length: 4.54 mins

As part of the Refinitiv Real-Time SDK, the WebSocket API for Pricing Streaming and Real-Time Service (aka Websocket API) provides a connection to Refinitiv Real-Time via a standard WebSocket protocol and JSON message format. Developers can use multiple client technology standards such as Python, JavaScript, .Net, etc. to establish WebSocket connections to Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution Systems (RTDS), or Refinitiv Real-Time - Optimized (RTO - cloud solution) available via Refinitiv Data Platform (RDP).

The WebSocket API examples source code for various programming languages is available on GitHub. If developers are new to Refinitiv Real-Time, they can use the refinitivapis/websocket_api Docker Image to learn the WebSocket API and RTO connection flows quickly. This Docker image contains all WebSocket API Examples, the Python runtime, and dependencies required to run the Python WebSocket examples.

This video shows how to set up a .NET (to be precise, .NET Core) devcontainer with the Remote - Containers extension for the Refinitiv Real-Time Optimized (RTO) C# WebSocket examples using a Dockerfile. This Dockerfile is built on top of the refinitivapis/websocket_api Docker Image and developers can run the RTO C# WebSocket examples codes directly in VS Code.

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