Using Python for Trade Idea generation

This is a past event

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Time 15:00 AEST / 13:00 HKT / 10:30 IST / 17:00 NZST

Are you interested in using code in your trading practice to give you an edge? Eikon provides web APIs so you can quickly and easily start creating scripting routines in popular languages such as Python and many more. 


Join us in this webinar where we will showcase examples of how to use our APIs with Python to generate some novel trading ideas and to monitor markets using technical indicators. 

Firstly, we will look at a type of statistical arbitrage - Equity Pair Trading and how we can industrialise the search for appropriate pairs pro-grammatically. Secondly, we will implement a market monitoring tool that generates common technical analysis indicators, creating alerts when certain events are triggered, finally sending them to a chatroom. 

Why you should attend?  

  • Code samples for equity pair trading and market monitoring cse Cases 
  • Learn how to iterate API calls, work with time series data, post messages to a messenger chatroom