Connecting Python to Excel via xlwings (EMEA/AMERS)

This is a past event


Felix Zumstein
Developer Advocate Developer Advocate
Jason Ramchandani
Lead Developer Advocate Lead Developer Advocate

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Join Refinitiv as special guest Felix Zumstein, creator of xlwings, talks through how to connect Python with Excel, making use of the power and simplicity of xlwings and our Python API. Further Felix will show how to make spreadsheet workflows more secure and robust.


This session will show you to link Microsoft Excel and Python to take advantage of the capabilities Python offers with the simplicity and accepted front-end user excel experience.

He will also show how easy it is to use the Eikon Data API to get data from Eikon and integrate it into this workflow, and further demonstrate how to make spreadsheets more robust and secure for your businesses. Live code guaranteed!

Join us if you're a:

  • · Developer
  • · Advanced Excel User
  • · Desktop Quants
  • · Front, Middle & Back Office Automation analysts
  • · Portfolio Manager
  • · Trader
  • · Risk Manager