AMERS/EMEA Webinar: Building Streaming Financial Apps Easily

This is a past event


Umer Nalla
Developer Advocate Developer Advocate
Gurpreet Bal
Platform Application Developer Platform Application Developer

If you need real-time data in your applications, access has never been easier. Use your real-time data and improve your existing application workflow. Create fully interactive apps with ease - using modern app frameworks to do the heavy lifting. Less code. Less hassle. Faster time to delivery. 

Watch this webinar where we will show you how to inject real-time pricing & news into your financial applications. We will look at streaming content across multiple environments, using modern app creation frameworks - Dash/Widgets/Panel (Python), Angular (JavaScript). The webinar was first broadcast on July 9, 2020.

Why should you watch?

  • Code samples on streaming content across multiple environments
  • Learn how to consume real time streams of both news and prices
  • How to implement modern app creation frameworks
  • Dash Apps, ipywidgets, Panel, JS News & Quote app