The Strategic Currency of the Future

This is a past event


Geoff Horrell
Group Head of Innovation, LSEG (Lon... Group Head of Innovation, LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)
Heleen Snelting
Director Data Science, TIBCO Director Data Science, TIBCO
Oli Bage
Head of Architecture, Data & Analyt... Head of Architecture, Data & Analytics at LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)
Richard Price
TIBCO Sales Director FSI UKI TIBCO Sales Director FSI UKI

Join the discussion with Oli Bage, Head of Architecture, Data & Analytics, and Geoff Horrell, Group Head of Innovation at LSEG who will share their experiences from the financial sector with TIBCO’s industry experts to better understand the fintech integration platform and how it unites all applications to deliver a holistic and integrated experience.

Will you become another statistic in the ever-growing impact of fintechs in financial services or will you take the opportunity offered by the deeper insights in the robust data store available to your organization?

Successful businesses of the future will have data and analytics as their core. Even today, competitors in the financial services space are monetizing data, using it to innovate products, create new markets, and derive insights from it that are shared throughout their business. The vast volumes of data the banking industry has today can confer a competitive advantage, but that is only true if organizations learn to harness and combine it with data on customer preferences and context to deliver more personalized customer experiences and personalized products.

Key Learning Objectives


  • What are fintechs and neobanks doing to attract and succeed with consumers
  • How can a data and analytics strategy address the competitive pressures of these new entrants
  • Using data and analytics to create a differentiating experience for the next generation of customers
  • The new way of delivering services can leave you exposed, how can data and analytics be used to curtail these exposures


  • C Level: CEO, CFO, COO, CLO, CMO, CIO, CDO
  • Heads of Quality and Safety Metrics
  • Finance Manager
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Lending Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Director of Cloud Computing
  • Director of Data and Governance
  • Director of Data and Integration
  • Director of Integration
  • Head of Analytics