Digitalization in commodities: Developing deeper insights for oil trading

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Alessandro Sanos
Global Director Sales Strategy & Ex... Global Director Sales Strategy & Execution, Commodities - LSEG
Jakob Bloch
CEO - Commodity Appointments CEO - Commodity Appointments
Candice Ting
RDMS Solution Consultant - LSEG RDMS Solution Consultant - LSEG
Alex Putkov
Developer Advocate Developer Advocate
Geoffrey Smith
Director, Oil & Shipping Research -... Director, Oil & Shipping Research - LSEG

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Digitalization in commodities: Developing deeper insights for oil trading

How the power of digitalization is transforming analytics

With increased digitization across the supply chain and advances in computing, market participants can now create advanced analytical models and sophisticated visualisations to make smarter trading decisions. 

Join this webinar where we will showcase and demonstrate an oil example in python where fundamental data on trade flows are combined with shipping fixtures and pricing data to generate insights. 

We will use RDMS and the Eikon APIs to: 

  • Calculate and track real-time U.S. crude exports. 
  • Benchmark against official figures from the EIA. 

From the perspective of a crude buyer in Asia, we will explore: 

  • How to calculate a basic arbitrage model using crude prices and freight rates 
  • How to use fixtures to try to assess the forward view of exports from the U.S. Gulf