DataScope Equities & DataScope FIxed Income 
Upgrade to DataScope Plus 

Julie Medeiros
Product Manager DataScope Product Manager DataScope

DataScope Plus Upgrade Overview

LSEG is discontinuing its legacy batch file feed products, DataScope Equities and DataScope Fixed Income in place of DataScope Plus, our strategic bulk data feed for end of day pricing and continuously updating reference data. 

DataScope Plus offers several enhancements over the legacy products, including more frequent data delivery, greater depth of content, customizable report options and a more secure file transfer service over SFTP.  Details of the enhancements are provided in this short video (run time 04:11 mins.):


Support for Upgrading to DataScope Plus

The DataScope Plus Upgrade Program will be ongoing until DataScope Equities and DataScope Fixed Income become end of life on 31 March 2025. During this time, you will have a defined period, as agreed to by you and your account team, to complete the upgrade. Upgrading consists of creating bulk reference and pricing reports, setting up SFTP for file retrieval, and building new data loaders. The effort involved will vary by client. 

This site has been setup to assist you in performing the upgrade activities from a single location. It includes related documentation, sample files and tutorials. In addition to the resources here, you can search and submit questions related to the DataScope Plus Upgrade on the Q&A Forum. Please include the #DSP_Migration tag when raising and viewing inquiries.  

Upgrade Documentation

DataScope Plus Upgrade Reference Guides

The following documents have been prepared to assist you with moving from DataScope Equities and DataScope Fixed Income to DataScope Plus.  The guides are intended to be a reference for understanding the upgrade and how DataScope Plus aligns with DataScope Equities and DataScope Fixed Income, as well as how they differ in terms of content and product capabilities. 

DataScope Equities - DataScope Plus Ugrade Reference Guide

DataScope Fixed Income - DataScope Plus Upgrade Reference Guide

DataScope Plus File Mapping Guides

The following documents show the field mappings between DataScope Plus and DataScope Equities and DataScope Fixed Income. These mappings are intended to help you in creating DataScope Plus reports. The documents also show the mappings between the predefined DataScope Plus report templates and DataScope Equities and DataScope FIxed Income records and files.

DataScope Equities - DataScope Plus FIeld Mapping Guide

DataScope FIxed Income - DataScope Plus Field Mapping Guide