Account authorization V1 to V2 migration cheat sheet

Gurpreet Bal
Platform Application Developer Platform Application Developer

This RTO and RDP accounts cheat sheet is for a user to quickly get up to speed on the changes happening from v1 authentication (Machine ID) to a v2 authentication (Service account).

What account type do I have?

  Version1 Version2
Additional Parameters Required Password and App Key (a.k.a Client_ID) Password (a.k.a Client Secret)
Authentication Endpoint
Uses JWT No Yes, able to use JWT Public/Private Key
Technical Name OAuth2 Password grant OAuth2 Client Credentials
When speaking with Refinitiv Account Manager I have a Machine ID I have a Service account
Who provides the ID Refinitiv account manager User generated using Platform administration application (self service portal)
How many RTO concurrent sessions can be used by single token 1 5
Will be supported in future No, account will be migrated to v2 Yes


Changes coming to Customer Identity Management
OAuth grant types supported by RTO and RDP

Platform administration application (Self Service Portal)

OAuth2 Password grant
OAuth2 Client Credentials
JSON Web Tokens


  • RDP - Refinitiv Data Platform
  • RTO - Refinitiv Real-time Optimized
  • JWT - JSON Web tokens - a technique which uses public/private key pair instead of ID and password
  • Service Account - A self service account provided for users to login to a portal and create ID's for their own use
  • Machine ID - An ID created by Refinitiv account manager
  • App Key - A unique application identifier created by the users for use with v1 authentication