Field and Domain changes in the Datascope and Tickhistory products

Gurpreet Bal
Platform Application Developer Platform Application Developer

DataScope Select (DSS) and LSEG Tick History offers a comprehensive data model and supports a variety of asset classes. Recently, due to the creation of LSEG as a separate entity, some aspects of the product will undergo mandatory tech changes. This article intends to summarize these changes, so that existing users of DSS and LSEG Tick History can modify their applications to migrate to the new setup.

These changes are driven by Refinitiv's legal requirements, from the contractual separation between Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv. They affect the following areas of an application:

  1. The network domain changes
  2. Request message changes
    a. Changes in the request namespace
    b. Changes in the Field names
  3. Response message changes
    a. Changes in the response namespace

These technology changes effect all the applications of DSS/LSEG Tick History, regardless of weather it is developed using REST API, .NET SDK or using FTP service.
Please see the Product Change Notification for the last date for the cut over to the new system.

Changes in the network domains

The network domain for the DSS and LSEG Tick History products will change from Reuters to Refinitiv, and will omit the hosted sub-domain in the URL.

Platform Old Domain Name New Domain Name

Using the example above, the DSS/RTH applications, will have to be modified to use the new endpoint at

In addition to the domain name change, some parts of URI will also need to be modified. The URLs which included the Thomson Reuters or abbreviation as the part of URI, which need switching too. For e.g. the context name /AskTrps should be replaced with /EvaluationConnect in request URLs. So for example, the final URL will change from:


The Refinitiv domain will have its own new IP addresses, and the addresses associated with the old domain will no longer be valid. If the organization employs a network firewall or proxy, the new IP addresses will have to be white-listed. See the Migration User Guide for the list of all the static IP addresses.

Changes in the request messages

The OData namespace will change from ThomsonReuters.Dss.Api to DataScope.Select.Api. For e.g: A composite extraction request will now look like:



  "ExtractionRequest": {

    "@odata.type": "#DataScope.Select.Api.Extractions.ExtractionRequests.CompositeExtractionRequest",

    "ContentFieldNames": [

      "RIC Root",

      "Security Description",

      "Tick Value",

      "Strike Price"


    "IdentifierList": {

      "@odata.type": "#DataScope.Select.Api.Extractions.ExtractionRequests.InstrumentIdentifierList",

      "InstrumentIdentifiers": [{

          "Identifier": "PRUD162109250.U",

          "IdentifierType": "Ric"



      "ValidationOptions": null,

      "UseUserPreferencesForValidationOptions": false


    "Condition": null



In addition the namespace containing AskTrps will change to EvaluationConnect as well. For e.g. the old namespace for creating a Broker Challenge:
@odata.type": "#ThomsonReuters.Dss.Api.AskTrps.BrokerChallengeRequest
will change to -
@odata.type": "#DataScope.Select.Api.EvaluationConnect.BrokerChallengeRequest

Changes in the field names

The field names which contain Thomson Reuters will also change. Reports that contain TR fields occur in all the report templates. Some of these fields and the new ones are:

Old Field Name New Field Name
Thomson Reuters Assigned Ticker Refinitiv Assigned Ticker
Thomson Reuters Classification Scheme Refinitiv Classification Scheme
TRPS Complex Instrument Code Evaluated Pricing Service Complex Instrument Code
TRPS Score Evaluated Pricing Service Score
Underlying Thomson Reuters Classification Scheme Description Underlying Refinitiv Classification Scheme Description
... ...

A general rule is, to replace Thomson Reuters with Refinitiv, and replace TRPS with Evaluated Pricing. Please refer to the Migration User Guide to get a complete list of all the fields.

Changes in the returned content

The response body will now return OData namespace of For e.g. the above response for the composite extraction request shown earlier will now be:



  "@odata.context": "$metadata#RawExtractionResults/$entity",

  "JobId": "0x0785e79d65ac76e1",

  "Notes": ["Extraction Services Version 14.5.42294 (737b0965c07f), Built Apr  8 2021 13:46:55

    Extraction ID: 519626634



    Base Usage

        Instrument                          Instrument                   Terms          Price

      Count Type                                Subtype                      Source         Source

    ------- ----------------------------------- ---------------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------------

        1 Derivatives                                                      N/A            N/A


     1 Total instrument charged.

        0 Instruments with no reported data.


        1 Instrument in the input list.

    No Evaluated Pricing Service complex usage to report -- 1 Instrument in the input list had no reported data.





RIC Root,Security Description,Tick Value,Strike Price

PRU.U,PRU Apr1 92.5 C,1,92.5

In addition to the changes in the namespace, the new requested fields will be returned in the response. For e.g. Evaluated Pricing Service Market Convention Ask Price instead of TRPS Market Convention Ask Price. Please refer to the changes in the field name section above.

Updated SDK

An updated .NET SDK is available for download at the DSS Website. The New SDK already implements all the changes mentioned above in terms of the new domain names etc. The users of SDK will need to recompile their application with new SDK, while scanning their code base for old field names like TRPS, and the use of any old OData namespace. The application should remove all references to the Thomson Reuters DataScope Select SDK and replace them with the same references for the LSEG DataScope Select SDK.
The C# example application has been updated and can be compiled with the new SDK. It incorporates all these changes and can be downloaded from the DSS Website.

Changes in Report Templates

All the reports which contain the reference to Thomson Reuters or TRPS in the field name will now have to be renamed to Refinitiv and Evaluated Pricing respectively. Please refer to the PCN Guide, for step by step screen-shots of how to edit the report templates and fields in the DSS website.

FTP/SFTP changes

In addition to the namespace and field changes mentioned above, the FTP and SFTP domain name will be changed from to The new IP address of the FTP service will be different from the old IP and will need to be white-listed in the corporate firewall. Refer to PCN Guide linked in the references, for latest static IP addresses.